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Be alive.

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Welcome to etre_vivant.
We are a community focused on art. Any kind of art is welcome here from cooking to comics to fashion design. This is a very basic community with few rules and no points system, just a focus on what we do. Feel free to post non-artistic pictures as well and anything else that makes you feel alive.


1. There is to be no drama in this community. You may negatively comment something but please do so in a non-bitchy and constructive way. If you are causing drama or being rude to a member you may be removed from the community.
2. If you are posting something including adult content, please post a warning and put everything under a cut.
3. Ask londonivy before promoting a community here.
4. When promoting, please post only in places that you know for sure it is okay to promote there. Do not spam and do not promote to someone who has already been promoted to. Promotion communities are great.

If you are unfamiliar with lj-cuts please look at the FAQ post and if you still do not know what to do, post a comment to that post.

Promo Banners.

Promo banners cand be found here


Weekly activities here.
Monthly activities here.
Other ways to gain points here .

If you have any questions please look at the FAQ post here.
If you have any suggestions, complaints, or concerns, please comment here.


Check out our affiliates or request to be an affiliate here.

londonivy is the maintainer of this community.